Adding & Editing Employee Profiles
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Sorwe enables you to upload your company's employee profiles. This function allows you to input data such as the employee's department, section, location, and so on into the system and generate reports based on these profiles.

Our suggestion is to open the relevant profile as a column in the Excel file through the employee list, upload it to the system, and save it.

However, you also have the option to do this manually. Within this article, you may examine the process of creating a new profile, the method of editing the profile, as well as adding employees into these profiles.

Adding a new profile:

Firstly, you need to click on the settings, followed by the account buttons, in order to add a new profile.

Next, from the left menu, select the option for profiles.

On the following page, the profiles within your company are visible.

You need to select the Add New Profile button on the top right.

Type the name of the profile, select the type of the profile (if the content of the profile is text, you can select text, if it contains date, you can select date. Example: date for date of birth, text for department).

If you want this profile to appear under the My Career section on the employees' own screens, you can open the relevant button.

To include the employee in this profile, it's necessary to append a child value to the profile via Add New Value button. (We incorporate Full-time and Part-time values for the category of Employment type.)

Adding Employees into the Profiles:

There are 2 methods for this. Adding from the employee page or adding from the Profiles area.

  1. First, let's go to the employee's page with the View Employee Page button.

After selecting the newly created profile with the Add Custom Profile button, you can choose the value to which the employee belongs. In this way, you have added the new profile to the employee.

2. With the above method, when you add at least 1 person to the relevant value of the profile, you can also add as follows.

You need to follow the steps again: Settings > Account > Profiles.

Click the Values button for the relevant profile.

With the steps View Employees > Add New Employee, you can add the employee for the relevant value by typing the e-mail or mobile phone number with which the employee is registered in the system.

You can remove the employee from the value with the Remove button.

Editing a Profile:

You can edit the relevant profile with the Edit button on the Profiles page.

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