How to Add New Employee?
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How to Add New Employee?

When you go to Dashboard in Sorwe admin panel, you can add new employee to Sorwe manually by clicking on the Employee Size under the Usage Summary menu.

After, you need to choose Add Employee card.

On the page that opens, you will see the fields where you need to enter employee information in 3 steps. Name, Surname and Registration Type (mail or mobile phone number) are mandatory fields, rest of the others are optional.

With Choose Language, you can choose new employee's language option for Sorwe e-mails and notifications.

In Step 2- Profile Information you can define profiles for employees, such as department, branch, position, etc. In each profile field, you can select one of the profile values defined in the system or add a new profile value if it is not defined in the system.

With the Step 3 - Orientation Information option, you can choose an onboarding program to be assigned to the employee you will add. Onboarding template can be selected from the Onboarding templates you created in Sorwe.

After entering all the information about the new employee, you can create the employee's Sorwe user account with the Save button. The employee you added will appear in the Employee List.

User credential is send to the added employee immediately after clicking the Save button.

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