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How to Follow up Cockpit?
How to Follow up Cockpit?
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How to Follow up Cockpit?

  • The indicator becomes active when the employees start answering the questions.

  • With the Scaled Participant Head Count, you can see the total number of employees who answered.

  • You can see your own company comparison with Sorwe Benchmark.

  • You can see the Cockpit's Last Measured Date and the next automatic Recurring Date.

  • You can manually stop the cockpit measurement with the pause button at the top right.

  • You can also see the report graphically through Go to Report button.

  • You can export the cockpit data as Excel and PDF format.

  • With our new update, you can view the question-based results of the pulse survey and access the yearly reports.

  • At the same time, you can see the results with profile types like department, location, etc.

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