Uploading Employee List
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Uploading Employee List

You can upload a new employee list to the system or update the information of your registered employees.

Step 1

  • Please click on the Employee Size in the Dashboard screen on the Admin Panel.

Step 2

  • Please click on "Update Employee List" button on the page that opens.

  • Select a file and upload your new employee list which is an excel file in the Sorwe User Data Entry Form format.

Note: Before updating your employee list, we recommend that you download your current employee list to your computer by click on the “Download Employee List” in order to see your registered employee list and prevent a possible technical problem.

Step 3

  • Please select the relevant column headings in the excel file you uploaded. If there are special profiles in the Excel file (Profiles added after the "R" column in the Sorwe User Data Entry Form excel file), select the relevant profiles under the heading "Custom Profiles". After all headings are selected, click the "Start Analysis" button.

Note: The column that is not selected will not be transferred.

Step 4

  • After the list is uploaded, a summary screen will appear. On this screen, the number of employees added, removed (passive), and updated in your employee list will appear in detail.

  • Login credentials will send to new employees if this option is selected then new accounts will receive Sorwe e-mail or message to create their password for log in after the employee list is uploaded. If you uncheck this option, you can send passwords later.

  • When you click the "Start Processing" button, the uploading will start and when it is completed, you will receive an e-mail with "Your Employee List is Updated" subject.

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