How to Create Goal Templates?
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In order for employees to enter their own goals, they must draw a goal based on another parent goal. This could be the employee's manager's goals or the company's main goals, depending on your Goal Selection Settings.

When the employee clicks on the Add Goal button, s/he must make a parent goal selection in order to enter her/his own goal.

Another one is Goal Templates.

By adding a Goal Template, you can enable employees to choose goals that are not tied to any manager.

First of all, to enable employees to see goal templates, you need to activate the Goal Template button in the relevant area Options > Performance Flow Settings > Goal Selection Settings.

Now let's see how to create these Goal Templates.

To start creating, click on the Options > Goal Templates button found in the appropriate performance template. Then, hit the Create Template button.

You can type the Goal Title and add New Key Result of the goal on the screen that appears.

You can define the action and choose the action type. Then save the changes.

Then select which of the company's main goal this goal template is tied to.

Finally, you can choose which employees can see this template.

The employee will be able to add his/her own goal by seeing the goal template you added on his side as follows:

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