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Settings to be Considered in the Performance Process
Settings to be Considered in the Performance Process
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Settings to be Considered in the Performance Process

We recommend you to pay attention to some parameters while activating the performance process for your company.

We suggest that you carefully review the following items when creating the performance system and entering your goals.

Points to Consider When Starting the Performance Process:

  • It should be determined how many performance templates will be created for which evaluation groups.

  • If the performance template will be assigned to a group instead of all employees, a new group should be created from Settings > Account > Groups and the people who will be included in the performance should be added to this group.

Different employee groups can be created in Sorwe and this group can be chosen as the target sources for the performance. Please visit Creating a New Employee Group.

  • Once the performance template is assigned to the employees from the admin panel, it is not possible to rearrange it. Afterwards, a new company goal entry or target period change cannot be made.

  • Performance goal entries can be made through the application or by Excel import.

Click here to review our article "How to Import Performance Goals from Excel?".

If there is a maximum number of goals that you will allow to be entered, you need to edit it on the Performance Template in Options > Performance Flow Settings > Goal Settings. If this process is not done, employees will be able to enter as many goals as they want.

For everything about Performance Flow Settings, you can check out our article: PERFORMANCE FLOW SETTINGS

  • Scores are calculated only in the last period of performance evaluation periods. If you want to open the period in which employees and managers can take note of mutual progress for the interim period, performance periods in the image below should be marked after clicking on Evaluation & Score Formulas button.

    Check out the Performance Evaluation Process article.

  • You can create evaluation criteria for performance evaluation. You must do this before the evaluation period starts. In this field, you can create an Evaluation Criteria for all action types or only for the Project.

  • You can change the calculation type in the system when creating performance with Score Components button.

    For example, you can say Goals affect the Performance Score with 70% - competencies 30% calculation points. For this process, you can forward your competencies to [email protected] and you can edit the Personal Development field with a mass change.

We recommend getting support from our support team or customer representative before starting the performance process.

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