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How to Import Goals from Excel in Performance?
How to Import Goals from Excel in Performance?
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How to Import Goals from Excel in Performance?

One of the most important points of performance is the goals entered.

These goals can be entered into the system in 2 different ways.

  1. After you assign the performance template to the employees, they can write their own goals through the Sorwe app. They can enter their goals, the weights of the goals, the actions they take towards the goals, etc.

  2. You may want the goals to be more systematic and controlled, as well as for the employees to enter their own goals. In this case, you can import the goals to the system with excel.

In this article, we will focus on option 2.

Before uploading the performance goals to the system with the excel you have prepared, you must have created the performance template and assigned it to the employees.

You can check the article How to Start Performance? for this.

First of all, let's examine the sample excel and mention about the points that you should pay attention to. (You can reach the sample excel at the bottom of the page. )

  • You should fill out the excel list with the goals in accordance with the organization schema. If employee B is subordinate to person A, it should be written below employee A in the list and the parent goal should be specified as his/her manager's goal. Also Parent Goal Employee Name should be the his/her manager's mail adress.

  • A goal in the performance process should have a total weight of 100 with all actions. You can upload multiple excel target lists throughout the performance process. For this reason, even if the weight sum of targets is not 100, the excel loading process will take place. But the employee sees a window as follows on the screen.

  • You can fill in the action note field. However, this is not mandatory.

  • Realising Condition need to be one of the four different measurement. Project, Percent, Numeric and Currency. If it's project or percent, the realising value column needs to be empty.

  • If key results achieved by reducing the value of a KPI, you can use the Is descenting action? column. For example, if the goal is to reduce customer churn, the less churn the better. For such goals, you can fill in the relevant column with Yes.

  • You can use the Start Value column to start from a specific value when creating the goal. For instance, if my goal is to keep the production cost at 40% and this data was 50% last year, you can write the starting value as 50.

When the Excel goal list is ready, we can load it from the system. Click on the Options button, then choose the Import Goals From Excel.

Then you can select the your Excel Goal List via Upload Goals button.

When the Excel list is OK, the following screen will appear:

Here are some import settings. Let's review these.

You can check the "Delete employees' previous goals" option if there are predefined goals when you load this list and you want to delete the goals which are not in the new excel or you want to update them.

※ The deletion process works like this: Let's say the employee has 3 goals. Let these be X, Y and Z. If there are only goal X and goal Y in the newly uploaded Excel list, the Z target will be deleted. And X and Y will be updated.

If you "Lock Imported Goals", employees cannot edit or change the goals that you imported.

※ Let's say you did not choose this option, employees will be able to edit their goals. Afterwards, these goals will go to the employee's approval. When the employee approved them, this time, goals will go to the manager's approval.

※ If you want the goals to be approved automatically, you can turn on the parameter next to it.

※ When you turn on the "Lock Imported Goals" option, the next parameter will change. Then, employees will not be able to edit their goals. Goals will be approved automatically, and there will be no need for employee or manager approval.

※ If you want any approval, you can choose "Goals require employee approval" option.

※ This option does not require manager approval for goals uploaded. Goals will be approved automatically.

With the "Goals require employee approval" option, imported goals require to be approved by employees.

※ This option also does not require manager approval for goals uploaded.

You can take a look at the employee's goals before uploading the list.

Then you can upload the list with the Start button.

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