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You can access the Performance Flow Settings with the options button in the relevant performance template.


Goal Selection Settings

Goal Selection Settings allow you to specify the parent goals that an employee can utilise for setting their own goals. When the employee clicks on the Add Goal button, s/he must make a parent goal selection in order to enter her/his own goal.

If you want employees to choose goals from the goals from their managers, you can activate the Manager Goals option.

You can open the Goal Templates button so that the employee can enter their goal from the pre-defined goal templates, and the Company Main Goals button so that the employee can choose his own goal from the key targets of the company you determined when creating the performance template.

Check out the How to Create Goal Templates? article.

In this field, it's possible to choose multiple options. You must choose at least one.

Goal Tracking Settings

Employees can track the progress of goals when they enter the performance area through the Sorwe app. You can determine which goals it can pursue here.

The following goal tracking settings can be made if you select the relevant buttons:

  1. Employees can track the progress of the Company Goals that you set when creating the performance template as main goals.

  2. Employees can track the progress of the Goals of All Employees in the company. If you activate this button, another sub-option will open. With this option, you can decide whether the names of the employees to whom the goals belong will appear or not.

  3. Employees can see the progress of Goals for a Selected Profile. For example, in case you choose the location option, the employee will be able to see the goals of people in the same location as him/her. If you activate this button, another sub-option will open. With this option, you can decide whether the names of the employees to whom the targets belong will appear or not.

Depending on the options you select, employees will see the following screen in the Sorwe App:

Manager Settings

Under Manager Settings, you can determine how much the manager can intervene in the goals of his/her subordinate.

When the Managers can edit their team goals button is activated, managers will be able to enter, update or delete goals on behalf of their teams.

When you turn on the Update key result realised values button, managers will be able to update key result actual values on behalf of their teams.

Goal Settings

With the Goal Sharing option, employees can share their goals with colleagues of their choice. You can use them for cross-goal matching. Selected employees can enter their own goals through this goal.

Depending on your choice, sharing can be done for all employees, selected employees or departments. While entering the target, the employee can share the target from the screen below.

You can also edit the maximum number of goals and actions that an employee can enter from this field. If you do not want to set a limit, you can leave this blank.

Let's take a moment to Goal Sharing:

  • Step 1: Employee named Justin added a shared goal with employee Robert.

  • Step 2: Robert can add his own goal linked to this shared goal via Add Goal button.


In the action type settings, you can choose which types of goals employees can enter, specify minimum & maximum score ratios and enable the start value.

These action types can be project, percent, numeric and currency. Employees can enter goals in the types you choose.

When you activate the Decrease KPI button, you allow the entry of decreasing targets. For instance, if the goal is turnover rate not exceeding 5%, the lower the percent, the more successful it is.

The employee selects the Decrease KPI as an action type and then can also select numeric or percent options.

Minimum and Maximum Score Ratio that they can use while making progress towards goals can be written. For example, an upper limit of 200% and lower limit of 20% can be set for the percent action type.

Enable Start value button allows you to start from a specific value when creating the goal. For example, if my goal is to keep the production cost at 40% and this data was 50% last year, the employee can write the starting value as 50.


Score Card Settings

If the Disable Auto Score Card Geneation option is checked, employees will not be able to see the scorecard. After pressing the Publish button, employees will be able to see their scores.

When it is not marked, the score cards will be generated right after performance goals are approved by their managers.

Employee Settings

When the Approve Score Card option is enabled, employees can approve their score card when performance review is completed.


Branch Admin Settings

You can select stores to enable Store HR managers to access performance goal entry and score reports.

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