How to Start Performance?
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How to Start Performance?

In the Admin Panel, go to Talent & Performance > Performance from the left menu and click the Start button under the Start Performance Management card.

  • Type the information you want in the Template name and Description fields. For example: Like "2023 Performance Process"

You can create multiple performance templates for the same year.

  • In the target audience selection field, select the area you want to be included in the Performance group. More than one department or more than one group can be selected. All employees option can also be used into implementation.

  • In the Target Period field, you can select the performance period as Monthly, Quarterly, Quarterly, 6 Monthly or Annually. You can arrange the dates of the periods according to your usage.

  • This area is offered to your use with the naming you want so that you can better manage your target actions.

In the Company Goals (Main Targets) field, you can select the main targets and leaders you want to use within that performance process.

You can continue your process with more than one main target and different Leader selections.

The performance will be initiated with the leader appointed as responsible for the main target. Based on this, the process will have started with the performance target entry for the employees affiliated with that leader.

With the Save button, your selection is saved and you can observe which employees the performance will be directed to.

With the Start Now option, the performance process is started. If you want, you can leave this page and edit the Performance Template later and redirect it.

Performance Templates that have not been assigned to the employees can be editted under the Options button. You can start the process with the selected leaders with the Assign to Teammate button.

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