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How to assign and report E-Learnings?
How to assign and report E-Learnings?
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How to assign and report E-Learnings?

After you prepared the e-Learning in the LMS panel, click on the View Catalog button in the Learning > E-Learning section that is available in the Sorwe-panel.

  • You can view the learnings created at Your E-Learning Library section, which is reachable in the E-Learning Catalog. After determining the Learning that you want to forward to your employees, you can send the Learning by clicking the "Start Now" button.

  • You can add a description to Learning before sending it to your employees. After that, you can choose a target audience whom you want to assign the Learning. The target audience can be a single employee or a selected group or groups of employees, or all employees if desired.

In Sorwe you can create various employee groups and you can choose them as the target audience to Learnings. See Creating a New Employee Group.

  • You can determine the duration of the Learning. After all the settings you can publish the Learning via the "Assign Training" button.

  • In 1 or 2 minutes your employees can reach the training in the Sorwe app.

  • After the training is published, you can view your training on the e-learning page. When you click on it, the "Progress Report" button will appear. You can access the report of your training with this button.

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