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How to Integrate Kolay ik?
How to Integrate Kolay ik?
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How to Integrate Kolay ik?

To automatically manage your employee list information and leaves from your Kolay ik data, it is sufficient to complete the following definitions.

Before activating the definitions, make sure the user information on Kolay ik has an e-mail address or a mobile phone number without a zero at the beginning.

Click the Marketplace button below the left field. Click on the Add App button under the Kolay ik card on the Integrations page that opens.

In order to activate the integration, you need to create a token on Kolay ik and define this information on Sorwe.

You need to give the following approvals for the token you will create on Kolay ik.

Type the token you received from Kolay ik into Sorwe and click on the blue confirm button.

After the token is accepted, you need to make a match in the Employee List Integration field. Your data will be transferred to Sorwe profiles as a result of these choices.

Name, Surname, Date of Birth, and Starting Date are transferred by default. It does not need to be selected in the integration field.

If you do not want some of your employees to be transferred to the Sorwe system, you need to define a special field with the name "Sorwe" in Kolay ik.

For people who will not be transferred to Sorwe, it is sufficient to add them to the "Sorwe" field with the name "Entegrasyona dahil olmayacaklar" ("They will not be included in the integration").

When the integration is activated, your employees data in Sorwe will be automatically synchronized with your current data in Kolay ik at the end of the day.

After the integration is started, data synchronization between Kolay ik and Sorwe can be stopped temporarily with the Pause button and restarted.

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