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How to Create the Quiz?
How to Create the Quiz?
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How to Create the Quiz?

  • On the Sorwe Connect Panel, you can reach the “Create a Quiz” area by clicking Communication > Quiz.

  • In this page you can use the quiz templates that you have been already prepared or you can just create a new quiz.

Step 1 – Test Content

  • To begin, you can complete the Title and Text sections of your quiz.

  • Next, make a list of questions and their answers. You can include one or multiple questions.

  • The scores must be proportionally distributed so that the total of the correct answers adds up to 100, as per the grading system of 100.

  • If the employee answers a question incorrectly, you can mark the "Notify employee on incorrect answer" button to share your note and then add an incorrect answer explanation.

Step 2 – Target Audience

  • When deciding who to send the quiz to, you have the option to send it to all employees, a specific group of employees, or just a few select individuals.

Different employee groups can be created in Sorwe and this group can be chosen as the target audience for the quiz. Please visit Creating a New Employee Group.

  • Once you have identified the intended recipients of the quiz, you can observe the overall employee count who will receive it.

Step 3 – Release Time

  • You should choose a date to release your quiz. If you do not choose a release time, the quiz will be published once you have confirmed it.

Step 4 - Confirmation

  • After you have completed all these steps, you should click the "I approve the quiz" button, then publish your quiz.

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