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How to Create Employee Satisfaction Survey?
How to Create Employee Satisfaction Survey?
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How to Create Employee Satisfaction Survey?

When you go to Feedback > Employee Satisfaction Survey section on the Sorwe connect panel, click on the "Create Survey" button.

You can create the Employee Satisfaction Survey in 2 different ways: choosing ready-made Sorwe template or uploading your own question sets.

  1. For the first option: Click on the Start button in the templates box.

Make your choice from the ready-made templates and click on the "Use Template" field.

Select the categories you want to be in the survey from the categories that appear. Then click on the “Create Survey” button.

You can change the title on the "Create New Survey" page. You also need to fill in the text field. If you want to add another questions, you can select the question type and choose your questions and options by using the "Add Question" field.

All added questions are listed below. A preview of each question is displayed here, and you can also delete a question from this area.

With the "Survey Option" field, you can add Translation Content and Preliminary Information.

2. For the second option: Click on the "Start" button under the Upload Question Set box.

Then you need to select the excel file you prepared. (You can find the sample excel at the bottom of the page.)

You can write the template name and match the Category Name, Question Text and Parent Category Name.

If you want employees to necessarily answer all questions, you can active "All questions are required?" option.

You can also add open-ended questions.

At the same time, you can edit the answer options.

Finally, you can click on the "Save" button. Other steps are the same with the option 1.

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