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How to See Survey Results?
How to See Survey Results?
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How to See Survey Results?

  • You can see the detailed reports about the survey with the option Survey Answers in the related survey.

  • At the top at the page, you can view the participation rate. Also you can export the report as pdf and excel format. You can use the "Profile Detailed Results" option to create the Excel report according to a profile ( department, title, etc.) of your choice.

  • You can see detailed reports of each question you asked. You can see the distribution according to the answer options, the total number of responses, and the average evaluation score.

  • With the option Detailed Report, you can view the participants' department, age, gender etc. You can see the reports in different breakdowns. You can export the graphical reports as pdf or excel file for each question.

  • For open-ended questions, you can see the answers written in the Survey Answers field.

  • Also with the Survey Participation Report, you can get the detailed information about participants like gender, generation or profiles.

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