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How to View Happiness Barometer Report?
How to View Happiness Barometer Report?
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How to View Happiness Barometer Report

  • After the Happiness Barometer is released, it will appear in the list. You can see the total number of answers on this list.

  • You can view the report with the "Happiness Barometer Report".

  • With the Survey Answers option, you can see the detailed answer distribution for each question, the total number of participants and the rate.

  • If you wish, you can remove the barometer manually by Make Passive?

  • When the Happiness Barometer survey is finished, the results of that survey and the previous results can be seen in the graphs by selecting the 'Happiness Barometer Report' option. The report goes into detail and gives a breakdown of results based on age, gender and department.

  • With Survey Answers button, you can see the answers question by question and you can export it as a pdf or excel format.

  • You can also send a reminder to employees who have not yet responded to the survey via Send Reminder button.

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