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How to Set Visibility by Condition for a Survey Question?
How to Set Visibility by Condition for a Survey Question?
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How to set visibility by condition for a survey question?

While preparing the survey questions, various adjustments may be made in the other options area; including adding an optional answer, allowing respondents to select multiple answer options, adding reporting categories, and last but not least, setting visibility of the question based on conditions.

Let's say your company organizes a camp every year for its employees. For this reason, you have created a participation survey to gather information for the upcoming camp (named Fill Out Our 9th Traditional Company Camp Survey!)

  1. Your first question is whether employees will attend the camp.

2. Let's Get to the Heart of the Matter!

  • There can be two different answers to the first question: yes or no.

  • I would like to know how those who answered the first question saying they will attend the camp will be able to arrive at the camp.

  • I don't want those who will not be going to the camp to see the question of how they will come, so I will try to find out the answer separately.

  • Then I go to question 2, which I only want employees who will attend to answer. I click on visibility by condition from the other options section.

  • I choose which question this question will follow with the add remove option at the bottom right.

  • With this adjustment, only employees who answer yes to the first question will see the second question.

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