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How to report the results of Employee Satisfaction Surveys?
How to report the results of Employee Satisfaction Surveys?
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How to report the results of Employee Satisfaction Surveys?

  • If you click on Employee Satisfaction Report option in the Employee Satisfaction Survey section, you can reach a detailed report for a specific survey.

  • In the detailed report, you can reach the total numbers of answers, scales based on answer options, and overall evaluation scores based on dimension and index.

  • A little further down, you can view the average score on a category basis by generation and gender breakdown.

  • In the Sorwe Benchmark column, you can see the average score of all our client companies that have published an Employee Satisfaction Survey.

    At the same time, you can compare your own scores with the average scores of other companies in similar sectors with the Sectoral Benchmark column.

  • By the Export Excel option, reports of the participants become visible based on different categories such as department, age, gender, etc. These graphical reports can be exported as PDF or Excel-based on every specific question.

  • You can reach the results of the different profile categories (department, position, section) in the Summary Results section.

  • The Survey Answers button allows you to view the overall score and export the responses as either a pdf or excel file. You can also use the Send Reminder button to remind those who have not yet answered the survey.

  • A little further down the page, you can view the scores for the reporting categories.

    You can also examine these categories on a question-by-question basis. The analysis cube can be used to interpret the categories.

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