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How to Follow Up an Announcement?
How to Follow Up an Announcement?
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How to Follow Up an Announcement?

  • Once the announcement is made public, it will be put under the Announcements.

  • Previous announcement lists can be edited and filtered in This Month's Announcements section.

  • Information such as the reading count, the number of likes and comments, category, whether the announcement is on the air, and the content of the announcement can be viewed here.

  • The Make Passive option can be used to remove it.

  • By clicking on Announcement Report, you can see the total number of views, the duration of the announcement on air and the distribution of the viewers of the story by department, gender and age.

  • Here, you can view the comments anonymously that have been made by other users on the announcement.

  • You can also take advantage of the Send Reminder feature to ensure that your target employees are informed and reminded about important tasks or deadlines. This feature allows you to easily send out messages and reminders to your employees.

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