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How to Post an Announcement?
How to Post an Announcement?
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How to Post an Announcement?

On the Sorwe connect panel, you will see the page where you can post or categorize the announcement with Communication > Announcement.

There are 3 ways to create your content: Building from scratch, Editing in builder or Letting AI create.

  1. Building From Strach

  • Firstly, you need to choose Build from strach.

  • When you click on it, the screen below appears. You can write the title and the text. Text will be the content of your announcement.

  • You can add images, links, table to the text area.

2. Editing In Builder

  • When you click on Edit in Builder, the screen below will appear.

  • You can create your own announcement by dragging content such as heading, text, image, etc.

  • The best feature in this area is that you can make AI edit the texts you write, and you can also create any visual you want thanks to AI. Let's try this:

  • Lastly, when you click on the "Apply Content " on the right top, it will be saved. Then you can publish it.

3. Let AI Create

  • When you click on the "See the Magic" button, you can choose one of the templates here. Also, you can set the tone and the topic. Clicking on the Generate or Use Prompt buttons is enough for you to continue.

  • After you need to select the content you want and "Set Variables" for it.

  • You edited the variables, then update it and apply.

  • You can select the category of your announcement from the "Add Category" field.

  • You can add multilingual contents.

  • If Enable like is active, employees can like the announcement.

  • Enable comments - If you activate the option, your employees will be able to comment on the shared announcement.

  • You can see the preview of the announcements on the right side of the screen. This is how the users see the announcement.

  • With "Target Sources", you can choose the employees for whom you will post an announcement.

If you check the Do Not Notify Employees option, the employees will be notified about the announcement. In all other cases, employees are not notified in announcements.

  • You can choose the date you will publish your announcement from the "Release Date".

  • You can choose how long your announcement will be broadcast from the "Broadcast Duration" option (end of day, 1 week, 2 weeks, 1 month, 2 months).

  • At the next step, click "Publish" button and your announcement will be posted.

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