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How to Follow up Stories?
How to Follow up Stories?
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How to Follow up Stories?

  • After your story is published, it will be listed at the story main page. In this list, you can see the information you entered in the "Title" and "Text" fields, the person who posted the story under the "Info" heading, the publication date, the story type and the cancellation date.

  • You can see the number of times your story has been viewed, the number of likes and comments at the top right.

  • With the "View" option, you can see the story you shared.

  • If you want to remove your announcement, you can click on Passive button.

  • With the "Story Report", you can see the total number of views, the duration of the story on air and the distribution of the viewers of the story by department, gender and age. Also you can view comments made by your employees anonymously.

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