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What is Cockpit Measurement?
What is Cockpit Measurement?
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What is Cockpit Measurement?

  • Sorwe has 9 different cockpit measurements so that you can start pulse check measurements. Each of these contributes to the consist of your employee experience score by making measurements in different areas.

  • Once launched, it is automatically sent to employees on the specified recurring period.

  • The cockpits can be thought of as short pulse check measurements consist of 4 to 6 questions.

  • It can be answered by employees within 1 week after published.

Cockpit Measurements in Sorwe

Motivation: It shows the energy level and availability of motivating factors in the work environment. It reflects the level of motivation when the inventory was published. It will be published every 4 weeks.

Evolution: It represents how open your employees are to self-improvement and their beliefs about the development opportunities provided by the company. It will be published every 11 weeks.

Healthy Life: In order to keep employees' quality of life at a certain level, it is important to understand how they attach importance to elements such as sleep, nutrition, physical activity. It will be published every 11 weeks.

Working Enviroment: It shows to what extent good relationships and solidarity exist in the company. It will be published every 11 weeks.

Emotional State: It measures the emotional state of the employees. It will be published every 16 weeks.

Feedback Culture: It measures how comfortable the employees are to communicate openly and how supportive the environment is in providing and receiving feedback. It will be published every 12 weeks.

Net Promoter Score: It measures the recommendation of the employees for the organization they work for. It is asked on a scale from 1 to 10. It will be published every 20 weeks.

Team Effectiveness: It aims to understand the extent of collaboration and quality of relationships within the team. It will be published every 12 weeks.

Confidence Environment: It aims to understand to what extent employees find the working environment trusted and supportive. It will be published every 12 weeks.

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