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How to Start a Cockpit?
How to Start a Cockpit?
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How to Start a Cockpit?

  • Sorwe has 9 different cockpit measurements so that you can start pulse check measurements. Each of these contributes to the consist of your employee experience score by making measurements in different areas.

  • The cockpits can be thought of as short pulse check measurements consist of 4 to 6 questions.

  • It can be answered by employees within 1 week after published.

  • Cockpits are started manually once with the "Start Now" option on the connect panel and then automatically sent to all company employees by the system when it is time to automatically repeat.

  • Start window opens, you can choose the employee group you will send to. We recommend that you select all company employees without excluding any group.

  • With the Activate button cockpit is started and sent to the employees.

  • With our new update, you can now review the history of the Cockpit. In this way, you can view when you broadcast cockpits to which target source.

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