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Sorwe's new feature, Emergency Button, allows you to collect status, needs and location information from your employees during critical situations.

  • You can enable your employees to report emergencies directly through the emergency button and customised emergency forms available in Sorwe mobile and web applications.

  • Whether in the field or in fixed working locations; Your employees can immediately share situations such as personal or work accidents or natural disasters with the company, along with their situation details and their location information.

Now, let's explore how to use the Emergency feature.

Initially, navigate to the marketplace, followed by the Emergency Apps section through the Connect panel.

Company Emergencies

This is the screen where the company broadcasts an emergency to all employees or selected groups/profiles.

You can publish an emergency with the Create New Emergency button.

On the screen that appears, you can write the title and description of the emergency. You can add questions for employees to answer.

You can set questions to be mandatory. With the multiple answer option, the employee can select more than one answer.

With the following options, you can enable employees to:

They can share their locations.

They can turn on the flash on their phones.

They can activate the emergency alarm voice.

They can call the number you specify with a single click.

In step two, Target, you have the option to select the intended audience for this emergency.

In the last stage, you can publish the emergency situation you have prepared.

The employees you share with will see it as follows:



You can view the responses to the emergency with the View Report button. You can review the employee's details with the View button. You can export the report to Excel.

Employee Emergency Forms

You can create forms so that employees can report an emergency. For example, if there is a work accident in your factory, you can create a form titled work accident so that the employee can report it.

You can start with the Create New Emergency button.

You can then write the title for this form, create questions, and choose which options can be used in emergency reporting.

You can choose which employees can report via this form.

Finally, you can activate the form with the Publish button.

Employees can report emergency in the Sorwe app as follows:



Employee Emergencies

Emergency reports made by employees through the forms mentioned above will appear in this area:

You can review the details with the View button.

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