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How to Upload Documents to Mobile Intranet?
How to Upload Documents to Mobile Intranet?
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How to Upload Documents to Mobile Intranet?

  • You can add documents that your employees can always access from the application by clicking the "Create New App" button on the page you arrive at via Communication > Mobile Intranet.

  • The categories that were made on the Mobile Intranet main page are displayed.

  • With the "Create New App" button, you can create your document by choosing any of the templates prepared for the folders (Vision and Mission Policy & Procedures, Leave Management, Internal Job Applications, etc.). You have the option of "Create New Document" if you do not want to use templates and would rather upload your own documents.

  • You can upload documents in PDF, text, video, and link formats by using the "Create New Document" option.

  • There is no limit on the size of the video when uploading a video to the mobile intranet. However, it is recommended to keep the size small to avoid any issues for the employee.

    After selecting the video, press the button on the side and the upload will begin. There may be some waiting time depending on the size of the video.

  • You can upload the document with Select file (seen as text or link in other document type options).

  • When uploading a document, you can provide the title and description in the designated fields.

  • When the Do not send notification to employees option is selected, the document notification you have just added to the employees will not be sent.

  • In the next step, you are able to choose the folder in which you would like to place the document you are adding. Additionally, you can create a folder with the "Create Folder" option.

  • Once you have clicked the "Create Folder" option, you are able to choose the visibility, name, description, and logo for the folder, as well as making any other customizations.

  • You can add a sub-category to the folder you select with Category Name.

  • The document can be uploaded by pressing the "Publish" button.

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