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How to Upload Your Competency & Question Set?
How to Upload Your Competency & Question Set?
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How to Upload Your Question Set?

  • To begin making a 360 template, you need to access the Sorwe Connect panel and select Feedback and then 360°. After this, you can begin the process by pressing the "Create New Template" button.

  • Then click on the "Start" button under the Upload Question Set heading.

  • You can upload the Excel file containing your competency and question set from the small window that appears on your screen.

What you need to know for your competency and question set file:

  1. In Excel, you can fill in the Main Competency, Competency Name, Question Text and Employee's Own Text fields. Among these fields, the Competency Name and Question Text fields are mandatory.

  2. If you want the question title to appear above the question text when employees fill out the survey, you can create an additional column and write the title information under Question Title.

  3. You can differentiate the sub-behavior question texts for the reviewee and other evaluators. You can create texts that the employee will see in the first person singular. (I reward.)

    The behavior texts you add to the Question Text field will be valid for managers, subordinates, peers, internal customers and external customers, except for the reviewee. (This person rewards.)

You can find the sample Excel file attached at the bottom of the page.

  • After selecting the Excel file, you can match the relevant fields with the Excel titles on the new screen.

  • If you want all questions to be answered compulsorily, you can select option All questions are required?

  • To direct open-ended questions to evaluators other than the reviewee, you can open the relevant button and edit the questions. (Open-Ended)

  • If you want these open-ended questions to be answered compulsorily, you can select Mandatory open-ended questions option.

  • You can add or edit answer options from the Answer Options area on the right side of the screen.

  • At the bottom of the screen you can see a preview of your competency & question set.

  • If everything is ok, you can save your set with the Save button.

You can review the article on creating a template with the questions you uploaded here.

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