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How to Integrate Microsoft Teams?
How to Integrate Microsoft Teams?
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How to Integrate Microsoft Teams?

If you want to arrange your e-learnings on Microsoft Teams platform, you need to follow these steps to complete Microsoft Teams integration process.

After you define your Microsoft Teams settings, Sorwe will automatically create Teams Meeting and send the link and passwords to the attendees.

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

  • "Application (client) ID" and "Directory (tenant) ID" data should be pasted into the specified fields in the Sorwe panel.

Step 4

  • Click on the "New Client Secret" button under the "Certificates & secrets" menu.

Step 5

  • The "Never" option is selected and the "Add" button is clicked.

Step 6

  • The value under the "Value" column in the table below is copied and pasted into the fields specified in the Sorwe admin panel.

Step 7

  • The "Add a permission" button in the "API permissions" menu is clicked.

Step 8

  • Click on "Microsoft Graph" option from the window that opens.

Step 9

  • In the window that opens, the "Delegated permissions" option is selected.

Step 10

  • Write "OnlineMeetings" in select permissions and select "OnlineMeetings.ReadWrite" option and click "Add permissions" button at the bottom.

Step 11

  • Click the "Grant admin consent for {CompanyName}" button on the same page and select the "Yes" button in the window that opens.

Step 12

  • It will ask for consent requests for consent when using the Microsoft Teams integration. At this stage, the option "Consent on behalf of your organization" should be selected. Then you can click the "Accept" button at the bottom right.

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