Deleting Employee from Sorwe
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Deleting Employee from Sorwe

You can manually remove an employee who leaves the job or does not want to be in the Sorwe system.

Click on the Number of Employees field on the Dashboard home page.

Find the employee you want to delete in this area where all your employees are located and click the Delete button. After your approval, employee record will be deleted.

The employee you deleted will not be able to log into the Sorwe application until they are added again.

If the employee list is transferred by integration, the employee card must also be deleted from the integrated program.

You can check all deleted employees history from the Leavers option on the employees main page.

Click the Manage button on the Manage Employee List box.

Click the View button in the Leavers.


You can follow the experiences of employees leaving this area in Sorwe.

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