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How to Create a Suggestion Category?
How to Create a Suggestion Category?
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How to Create a Suggestion Category?

Suggestion Box is a feature that allows employees to submit comments, requests, and ideas to management, resulting in cost savings, increased productivity, and improved working conditions. This strategy helps to motivate employees and allows them to have a voice and role in the company's operations, leading to mutual benefit for both the employee and the organization.

You can create different categories to receive employees’ suggestions on topics related to the company's objectives, values and goals. This will help the organization to better understand what employees need and how they can contribute to achieving the desired outcomes.

  • You need to click on the Create Category button in order to categorize the suggestions.

  • Then you can see your suggestion categories and you can create a new category with New Suggestion Category button. You can delete or edit existing categories.

  • When defining a New Suggestion Category, you can write Category Name and Description. What is written in the statement will be seen by the employees in the app.

  • "Allow users to share their identity" If the box is checked, the names of the suggestion owners will appear. If not, the owners of the incoming suggestions will appear as anonymous users. When this feature is selected, the following information box will appear when users make suggestions.

  • The people selected in the Assignee(s) field are the people who will approve the suggestions coming to this category and provide feedback when necessary. When a suggestion comes to the category, those who are selected as the assignees are notified.

  • If desired, from the Committee Members area, members of the evaluation committee can be selected for suggestions from this category.

  • You can create your new category with the Add button.

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