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How to Set Start and End Date of Survey
How to Set Start and End Date of Survey
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How to Set Start and End Date of Survey?

Step 3 : Release Options in Create New Survey page;

  • If you do not choose a release date, you will set the survey to be published immediately or you can select a specific date and time by activating the button.

  • The ending date of the survey is determined with the value you enter in the «Set a cutoff date & time» field. You can stop survey manually or you can stop it after the specified employee count, hours, days, weeks you set.

  • If you choose one of these 4 options, the ending option value field will open at the bottom, you need to enter a value here. (For example, if you select the After the specified day option and type 10 in this field, the survey will automatically be stopped 10 days after the start date of the survey.)

  • «Recurring Option» With the option, the survey is repeated automatically in the periods you specify. When this option is Repetition Period are will appear and the preferred repetition period can be selected from the list.

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