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How to Start Happiness Barometer?
How to Start Happiness Barometer?
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How to Start Happiness Barometer?

  • With the Happiness Barometer, you can quickly and easily measure the overall mood in your organization. It is possible to configure this measurement to be regularly repeated at intervals like monthly or weekly.

  • The Feedback module on the admin panel has a Happiness Barometer that can be clicked on.

  • When you press the Start Happiness Barometer button, you are presented with a selection of pre-made survey questions.

  • You can choose to include a Preliminary Information for employees to read before beginning the survey, if desired.

  • You can go directly to the Step 2- Target Sources step and select the employee group to which the barometer will be sent.

  • From Step 3- Release Options, you can determine the release date of the happiness barometer and the ending options.

  • You can enter a value according to your ending options. (For example, in the ending options when the after specified day option is selected, ending option value field that will open. If you type 10 in the ending option value field, the barometer will be closed 10 days after the release date.)

  • You can choose the frequency of the happiness barometer from the Recurring Option.

  • You can release the happiness barometer by confirming it from the Step-4 Approval with Distribute button or you can preview it before publishing.

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