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How to Set Up Playbooks for Employees?
How to Set Up Playbooks for Employees?
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How to Set Up Playbooks for Employees?


What does 'Playbook' mean and what does it do?

We use 'playbook' in order to assign automatically orientation, trainings, surveys, performance etc. to newly hired employees via employee list excel uploads or HRIS integrations.

  • Let's assume that a new employee has been added to the system through integration or Excel and you have an orientation template prepared for new employees.

    Thanks to Playbook, this orientation will be directed to the newly added employee without the need for you to add them manually.

Now let's see how does it work!

  • We need to click on the 'Number of Employees' on the dashboard to set up a Playbook.

  • Afterwards, you will see the screen with the employees. From here, when you click on the 'Manage Employee List' card, you can select the Playbooks option from the right panel.

  • On the next page, you can select the playbook area you want to create. E-learning, orientation, surveys or performance.

Let's try the orientation playbook!

  • When you click on orientation, you can choose the orientation template that will be directed to new employees from the window that appears.

    (To select the orientation template, it must have been directed to at least 1 employee before.)

  • You can also choose a profile as the Target Sources. For example, in this playbook, this template should be directed only to new employees in the sales department. This selection can be made for multiple profiles.

  • You can assign the playbook immediately or you can pick a date here.

Picking a date will make your job much easier.

You can automate operations such as including employees in a survey 1 month after they start working or adding them to the performance process after 2 months by selecting a date.

The date section can be selected as day, week and month.

  • If you choose Drop for resigned employees option, the process directed to new employees who left the company will be terminated.

  • Then you can save the playbook.

Once you create a playbook, you can follow up the metrics.

You can view how many people have been assigned to Playbook, how many people are waiting, or whether there are unsuccessful redirects, via this screen.

You can edit the Playbook. In this way, you can, for example, choose a different orientation template to be directed to, change the date, etc.

You can pause the Playbook. This way, you suspend the automation. Afterwards, you can start again.

You can delete the Playbook. When you delete it, the playbook is completely deleted and we have no chance of getting it back!

If you want to set up a new playbook, you can click on the Create Playbook button after selecting the relevant category on the left.

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