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How The Onboarding Steps Are Created?
How The Onboarding Steps Are Created?
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How The Onboarding Steps Are Created?

  • You will see the «New Step» button below the template information. You can give a name for your step from the "Title" field. When you write a title, it will appear on the top next to the step number.

  • You can select the end date of the step from the "Duration" field.

  • In the below of the step, you can add Survey, Documents, E-learning, Videos, Tasks related to the step.

Survey: You can add open-ended questions, text questions and rating-typed questions to evaluate the step.

You cannot save a step without adding at least one question to Survey for each step.

Documents: You can add more than one pdf, text or link related to the step.

E-Learnings: You can add e-learning training on the step.

Videos: You can add video links on the step.

Tasks: You can add the tasks related to the step here. The tasks you added are listed below, you can edit or delete the tasks.

  • You can define the other steps with “New Step” button for your onboarding program by following this sequence for each step. You can use same pathway (step title, description, duration, survey, documents, e-learnings,videos, tasks) for each step that you will add to your onboarding program.

  • With the Save button, your template is added to the onboarding list with name and description.

  • If you wish, you can copy this onboarding template or edit its content.

After assigning onboarding program to employees, changes will not be possible in the onboarding template. For this reason, we recommend that you complete all changes before assigning the template to employees.

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