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How Suggestion Wall Works?
How Suggestion Wall Works?
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How Suggestion Wall Works?

Suggestion system in Sorwe allows the employee to make suggestions in the relevant field. This suggestion is approved or rejected by the admin panel user or the authorized users. In both cases, feedback can be given to the employee with reasons. When the suggestion is approved, it becomes visible to all employees on the suggestion wall. Employees can send likes to approved suggestions.

  • You can see the Suggestion Wall in Feedback > Suggestions heading. Here you can see the suggestions, the number of likes for these suggestions, or the feedback you can make to the suggestions.

※ You can view newly added suggestions under the "To-do" heading.

If you click "Approve", that suggestion will be published on the Suggestion Wall and all employees can view it in their app.

※ By selecting one of the suggestions here, you can gain further insight into it.

Here you can reply to the one who made this suggestion.

You can share your answer for this suggestion with all employees.

※ Under the "On the Wall" heading, you can see the suggestions that you published on the wall. You can remove them from the wall here.

※ On this screen, you can also view the most liked suggestions and removed ones.

  • You can export the suggestions to an Excel file on the right side and filter them by date.

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