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How to create in-company job advertisement?
How to create in-company job advertisement?
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How to create in-company job advertisement?

  • Through Communication > Mobile Intranet you can create in-company job advertisements for your employees via the "Create New App" button.

  • Click on “Internal Job Applications” section that is reachable at the page via “Create New App” button. You can add details to position that you want to create via “Choose Template” button.

  1. Content

  • When creating a job advertisement, you may want to include additional information such as the Job Title, Job Type (e.g. part-time, full-time.), Job Description, Competencies Required for the Job, and Work Location. This information can help potential applicants decide if the job is the right fit for them and can help your company find the best candidate for the position.

2. External Candidate

  • If you select the Allow Public Sharing option, job applications that are internal to your organization may be shared with the public, through social media platforms, messaging apps, and other external channels. This allows potential candidates to access job postings and apply for positions within your organization.

  • Candidates must accept the privacy policy in order to finish the application process by using the Add Privacy Policy option.

3. Target

  • You can select the target sources that you want them to view, then fill in the Folder Name.

  • You can create a folder titled as Internal Job Application so that employees can find it more easily.

  • By utilizing the Category Name section, you can assign categories to the Job Advertisements folder.

  • When the Do not send notification to employees option is selected, job notification you have just added to the employees will not be sent.

4. Publish

  • The final action you can take is to make the new job available to the public.


Employees can access available job openings by clicking on the "My Company" button, and then apply for any relevant positions.

Screen samples that employees can apply to the open positions are provided below.

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