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How to Change Kudo Types?
How to Change Kudo Types?
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How to Change Kudo Types?

Kudo types and sending limits can be changed with the Kudos Settings option in the Communication > Recognition field in the Sorwe admin panel.

  • You can change the kudo types in two ways by Kudos Settings;

  1. You can use one of Sorwe's pre-built kudo templates

  2. Or alternatively, custom kudos types can be created by uploading images and giving them a name.

1. Using Pre-built Kudo Templates

You can see the kudos you can choose in different themes in the pre-built kudo template list. The kudo you choose with the Add button is added to your existing kudos in the upper section.

If desired, the selected kudo template can be deleted with the red (-) button or it can be edited with the edit option.

After making all the changes about your kudos, you can save your kudo changes with the Update Kudos button.

2. Designing Your Kudo Type

You can create your own kudo type by uploading images and naming them. Click on the uploading link shown in the field titled Kudos on the top of the page.

On the Customize Your Kudos screen that opens, write your kudo name and upload the image you want to use.

Kudos image should be 192x192 in png format and does not contain any border.

The new kudo type you create is added to the Kudos field at the top. You can change your kudos at any time.

Once you have finished making any alterations to your kudos, you can save them by pressing the 'Update Kudos' button.

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