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How to Change Kudo Sending Limits?
How to Change Kudo Sending Limits?
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How to Change Kudo Sending Limits?

In Sorwe, the number of kudo sends sent by employees to each other can be changed.

Click on the Communication> Recognition> Kudos Settings. On the right, you will see the Limitation menu.

The standard setting is defined as 10 kudos sendings per employee per year. You can change this limit at any time.

You can choose the time period you prefer from the Period drop down menu.

You can enter the number of kudos you prefer in the Kudos Count field.

Your preferences are saved by clicking on the Update Kudos Limit button.

The changes you have made in the kudos sending limits are shown as remaining kudos count under the Send button when end users send kudos.

The Employee Target Menu on Jest allows users to set up criteria to determine who employees can send kudos to, such as same employee types, departments, or locations. This feature makes it easier to ensure the right messages are sent to the right people, and helps communications remain organized and effective.

You can decide if you want to include a Kudos message or not when sending a Kudos recognition. You can make the Kudos message optional or mandatory based on your preference.

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