Authorization for Admin Users
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Authorization for Admin Users

Step 1

  • In the Sorwe connect panel, you can follow Settings > Account > Authorized Users.

Step 2

  • All authorized users are listed on the page that opens. The user is added with the "Add Authorized User" button.

Step 3

  • The e-mail address of the authorized user is written. With "Add" button, the user is added to the authorized user list. 3 different definitions can be made:

  1. Users selected as admin are defined as system administrators who can access all panel features.

  2. As a standard user, with the "Roles" area, the user can access selected fields only.

  3. You can define user as branch admin. This means these admins can publish stories, surveys, etc. to merely their branches.

  • With Save button, user accesses are defined.

  • If desired, users can be deleted from the authorized user list with the "Remove" option.

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