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How to Resend Position Match Analysis to Candidate?
How to Resend Position Match Analysis to Candidate?
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  • Let's say you directed position match analysis tests to a candidate for a position opened in your company.

  • When you direct the inventories, the candidate has 7 days to fill out these tests.

  • In this case, we may encounter 3 different issues:

1. The candidate could have gone past the allotted time for the test.

2. The candidate attempted to take the tests that were assigned to them by logging into the system, but they were unable to complete them in the given seven days. As a result, the link may have been expired.

3. The candidate could not access to the inventory because of a login issue, or the inventory link and code has been asked to be resent.

  • Let's explore what options we have for these 3 scenarios. We need to begin by accessing the page which contains the candidate's results.

1. What to do when a test is not completed in the allotted time by a candidate?

The candidate has 25 minutes to finish the numerical test and 22 minutes for the verbal test.

For instance, if they take longer than 25 minutes on the numerical test, it will close automatically due to exceeding the time limit.

If this happens, when you look at the candidate results screen, you will see a warning like the one below. (Duration has exceed)

By clicking the Send Again button, the candidate will be able to retake the test. When the Send Again button is pressed, the statement Not Started will be shown on the screen as below.

(Take into account that existing responses for that test will be erased and selected inventory will be re-assigned to the candidate.)

2. What to do when a candidate has logged in to the system but has not completed an inventory within 7 days?

In this situation, the link provided to the candidate will have expired. Therefore, this link needs to be extended so that the candidate can continue to access it.

"Link has expired. Click here to extend the expiration date." The button will help us extend the duration of the link.

3. What to do when we need to resent the access link and code to a candidate?

If the candidate is having trouble accessing the link or cannot find the access code to the link, we can redirect the link and code to the candidate in such cases.

You can send the link and code information to the candidate again with the "Didn't get the code? Send Again." button.

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