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How to Change the Birthday Greetings Settings?
How to Change the Birthday Greetings Settings?
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How to Change the Birthday Greetings Settings?

The "Greeting Settings" settings can be customized in the system.

From the Sorwe connect panel, click on the Account from the Settings screen. Then click on the Greeting Settings section.

Click on the Birthday Greetings field.

You can change the congratulatory texts in the Greeting messages section. You can specify which information will be displayed in the mobile application from the Information Fields section.

In the Notifications section, you can choose who you want to be notified to via the mobile application. You can choose multiple options.

From the Employee Targets section, you can determine to whom your employees can send a birthday greeting message.

If you want to disable the birthday greeting feature, you can disable this feature from the area located under the save button.

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